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as times are passing by ... modern apps and cloud based synchronization of data is today.

See the version of the app. as video and see the new ADU-08e

ADU08e Anatalya Sea

See the  arrival (100MB) and cleaning under the shower.


Metronix was founded in 1976 to produce and sell equipment for magnetotelluric (MT) exploration; our actual system is the ADU-07e.

The first microprocessor based MT system, the MMS02,was developed in the mid-seventies and sold to various universities and research institutes. This equipment was specially designed for long period MT soundings and extremely low power consumption. With the increasing acceptance of MT in the exploration community the demand grew for more productive instruments and an extended frequency range. The introduction of our real-time MT system MMS04 to the market in 1986 and our automatic MT recording system MMS02e in 1987 was the logical consequence of these requirements. In 1988 we introduced the low-cost remote reference MT system MMS03e that became one of our best-sellers due to its easy operation, high data quality and logistical flexibility.

The GMS-05 was released 1989. The system contained a real-time interface with a monitor.

1998 the ADU-06 was brought to the market. The concept was new: The measurement hardware was separated from the online software. End of the 90ies it became clear that the computer hardware (laptops) were developing much faster than the embedded industrial hardware used inside the data logger.

The latest generation ADU-07e with its outstanding performance and the sensor family MFS-06e, MFS-07e, MFS-10e and SHFT-02e leaves nothing to be desired.


Our latest development is the TXM-22 transmitter

 rot dipole


Our latest project: DESMEX: Deep electromagnetic sounding for mineral exploration; a combination of airborne measurements and ground based transmissions.

DESMEX wird durch das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) im Rahmen des Vorhabens "r4 - wirtschaftsstrategische Rohstoffe" gefördert.. BMBF







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