Frequency range

DC to 250 kHz

Number of channels

1 up to 10 per ADU 07e


3 Bands (LF DC-1 kHz; MF DC-16kHz; HF 1 Hz-250kHz)
Sub-bands are created by digital filtering

Both bands can be recorded simultaneously

A/D conversion

24 Bit (max. data rate max. 4096 samples/sec) LF Board
24 Bit (max. data rate max. 65536 samples/sec) MF Board
24 Bit (max. data rate 524,288 samples/sec) HF Board

Dynamic range

> 130 dB

System controller

32 bit embedded controller, Linux

Storage media

Internal SD cardup to 32GB or more, USB devices

Test facilities

Automatic power up self test of all important system functions including sensors and display of result on the instrument. Automatic creation of logfile


Automatic calibration

E-field connector

input resistance > 10 Mohm, ODU G32KON-T06QP00-000 (ADU E socket)
ODU S22KON-T06MPL0-4000 (E-Field cable plug)

H-field connector

input resistance 20 kOhm, socket ODU G32KON-T10QJ00-000 (ADU socket)
ODU S22KON-T10MJG0-7000 (H-Field cable plug)

Multipurpose connector (E/H)

input resistance > 10 Mohm (E), 20 kOhm (H); ODU G33KON-T30QF00-000 (ADU socket)
ODU S23KOC-T30MFG0-7000 (cable plug)

Network connection

standard 100 Mbit Twisted Pair, WLAN


GPS clock +/- 30ns rms to satellite reference.
Station position is also determined and stored


network, magnetometers, E-field lines 2 battery inputs, GPS antenna, USB, wireless, Bluetooth


ruggedized, waterproof polycarbonate case


appr. 7.1 kg

External dimensions

400 x 330 x 170 mm

Power consumption

appr. 3-10 W (LF); 12 -20 W HF @ 64kHz up to 524 kHz sample rate

Operating temperature range

-40°C to + 60°C (with flash disk)