TXM accessories



There are some items which are mostly not supplied directly from us. They are quite heavy or they can be bough locally at lower price:

  • Diesel generator
  • cables (600-1000m)
  • electrodes
  • insulation transformer

Insultation Tranformer

Most Important for alomost all users:

Due to safety regulations you need a insulation transformer. An insulation transformer is a transformer wich "transforms" the volatge 1:1 (normal transformer would do 1:10 for example to transform 2kV down to 220V). The dimension of the insulation transformer must be 20% bigger than the generator;if your generator has 32kVA you take a transormer for 38-40 kVA..


You inject currents into the ground with the transmitter; and you generate electricity with the generator.

The generator must be grounded; however - you try to ground the into the same earth where you inject the currents.

The ELCB (earth leakeage circuit braker) will break and stop the generator.

To prevent this you must have a insulation transformer to seperate source from currents.

Price is around 3200 EUR plus transportation. Examples here amadori srl. (http://www.amadorisrl.it/PAGINE%20SITO/pagine%20sez%20ing/entrataingl.htm, this first three phase transformer which appears in the list for example).

DRY Type POWER Series
Normal losses
According to IEC 726 CEI 14-8   EN 60076-1



10mm2 double insulated cables, length as you want (500 to 1000m, 1500m)

6mm2 , single insulated is also possible. Smaller cables will get too hot and burn.


(picture shows 10mm2 double insulated cable, for highest security)


6mm2 default cable on cable drum / winch





Diesel Generator


As source you can use ANY 380 - 440 V / 50-60 Hz power generator with 40kVA and more.

Deutz diesel generators start at 19,200 EUR (trailer mounted) and shipment starts at 3200 EUR.

It may be recommended to buy similar in your country.


a smaller generator with 30 kVA:


 A smaller transmitter (20 kVA) can be used for small dipoles in more resisitive areas.

If the current gets too high, the TXM-22 can limit the output current to prevent the generator to be overpowered.




Eletrodes can be rods; some institutes use rods down to 7m into the ground (as the geologists use for probes).

In humid (wet) areas some use plates or even aluminum foil (for example inside rice fields).


Electrode examples:





 (picture above shows high security electrode, upper part shielded)



more simple electrodes


electrodes connectred to ground

In most areas deep burriage is preferred, because at greater depth the humidity is constantly higher and the transmitted currents are well coupled to the ground.